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Champagne, Small


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"Champagne" Small by David Wight
Signed Fine Art Glass
Approximate Size: 9 X 8 X 11 in.
Color: Champagne

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"Champagne" Large by David Wight
Signed Fine Art Glass
Approximate Size: 15 X 11 X 14 in.
Color: Champagne

The Champagne Wave sculpture has little bubbles in the glass. This comes during the sculpting process when copper leaf is added to the glass. The copper oxidizes and creates little gas bubbles that are captured by the 2000 degree molten glass, and also adds a light blue hue to the finished wave.

"The little bubbles were something that I wanted to add after playing in the ocean and surfing. When the waves were breaking on the beach I kept looking at all of the little bubbles being created by the waves and felt compelled to incorporate this aspect of water into my glass art."--David Wight

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