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  • "I have nothing but positive things to say about Artifacts Gallery. The level of service and communication was nothing short of perfect. I had the pleasure of dealing with Shelley during my purchase, who was always quick in responding to my emails whenever I inquired about the piece I ordered. Once I received my art, I was again pleased with the quality and packaging, as it arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this gallery for any purchase, and would personally trust them to purchase art from in the future."

    Pat Cook

  • "Living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, many of my friends and family question why I would purchase my artwork and collectibles from a gallery in Cambria, California. I tell them when you are fortunate enough to find knowledgeable experts who are willing to offer their honest opinions, supply fine works of art at exceptional prices and treat me more as a friend than a customer; why would I want to do my business anywhere else?"

    Ken Hoff

  • "I would like to take a chance to commend your company on outstanding service.
    First of all, your website is wonderfully designed and I was very impressed with your wide selection of art. Secondly, your staff was very courteous and friendly, and answered my questions thoroughly. Finally, I was extremely pleased not only to receive my artwork so promptly, but also a lovely hand-written "Thank You" card.
    It is very obvious that Artifacts Gallery truly cares about their customers, and strive for top-notch service.

    Thanks for your excellence!"
    Amy Walding

  • "I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks for all the efforts and considerations taken by you and your staff in ensuring the complete happiness and enjoyment of our recent purchase.
    Some months ago I wrote many e-mails to the most prominent Animated Art Galleries that I found listed on the Internet. I expressed my interest and confusion in the animated art arena. I listed a few of our favorite characters, and inquired on what was available. Not many responded to my requests and questions. Your gallery was one that did. They explained the many differences and possibilities in animated art in easy to understand terms.

    Due to the continuous and expert attention that the staff of Artifacts Gallery, Shelley in particular, we were able to find pieces that were thought to be sold-out, or reasonably not available, that perfectly fit our desires and price range. The many specialized services offered by your gallery made every aspect of our purchase easy and delightful. The imagination of your framing department and in-house artist not only did a wonderful job framing our pieces, but also added a unique painting technique to one of the pieces making it truly one-of-a-kind!

    This was our first occasion to pursue and purchase any animated art. It most certainly will not be the last. I can only assume that common sense would dictate "stick with what you know", and I know that your customer and specialized services were top notch-first rate. This in itself will keep us coming back to your gallery in the future.
    For the few friends and family that have seen our "New Treasures", praise and enjoyment have been bountiful! Our unsolicited and heartfelt recommendation goes out to anyone and everyone that we know to utilize any and all of your services for future purchases. Again, our enjoyment and pleasure are the direct results of your efforts!

    Many thanks and best regards!"
    Clint and Patti Ketchum

  • "A few years ago, my life was altered and enriched forever by Debbie & Thad. Not knowing anything about Fine Art, I walked out of their beautiful gallery with a Dale Terbush, When Magic and Memory Mix. Oh, how the colors come in and fade away as the light changes. Since that first visit to Artifacts, I've added 2 more Terbush's, 2 Byerley's, 3 Bill Mack's, Jesse Barnes, William Phillips, and Michael Wilkinson to my expanding art collection, to which I'm now a complete 'Art Junkie' thanks to Debbie & Thad. My only two concerns are:

    (1)Their ever-expanding beautiful inventory is going to "break me" as I want one of everything in their store
    (2)I need a MUCH bigger house!

    Thanks for everything Artifacts!"
    Avery M. Golden

  • "We have been dealing with Artifacts Gallery for several years now. Thad, Debbie, and the whole staff are great to deal with; they are very knowledgeable and very helpful! They'll answer questions as long as you like or they'll just let you browse. One of the very best things is their honest and fair pricing. Debbie, aside from being knowledgeable, is one of the greatest framers we've ever found! There is no one we would rather deal with for art than Thad, Debbie, and the Artifacts' staff."

    Melody and Ernie Jacobson

  • "I have been a long time buyer of Byerley's works and I purchase them exclusively from Thad and Debbie at Artifacts because of the courtesy and professionalism that they always show towards their customers."

    Jim DesRochers,
    General Manager,
    Manheim Auctions

  • "We visit Cambria once a year and each time we have something wonderful to buy at Artifacts. To top it all off, Thad and Debbie have always been personable, friendly, and willing to take the time to discuss and answer any of our questions. They make the process of buying art fun!"

    Fred Weiss and Janice Ohta

  • "I have been visiting Cambria for several years now and can always count on a warm welcome and great service from both Debbie and Thad and their entire staff. They always make me feel at home and take care of my special needs and concerns. I wouldn't do my art business anywhere else. They are the best."

    Natalie Rabiner

  • "I have been visiting Artifacts Gallery since 1994. I've watched it grow and just get better and better every year. Thad and Debbie are the very best! They are very knowledgeable, and spend a lot of time with their customers to help them get the artwork that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Artifacts does all my framing; Debbie is so talented and creative she can make a poster look like a work of fine art. As an added bonus, Artifacts' manager, Shelley, and the rest of the staff are always warm and friendly and ready to help you."

    Cheryl Keeney

  • "We have been wanting to thank you for all your help and thoughtfulness. You are definitely thought about time and time again in our home. The beautiful animation art we have purchased is surrounded by many of the pieces you chose for us. We appreciate all of the time and energy you have spent researching to find exactly what we are looking to purchase. Thank you very much."

    Rick and Jan Wyman

  • "A few years ago I fell in love with the work of Michael Parkes. At that time, even the idea of owning his work was unformed. About a year ago my idea was not only fully formed, but made a reality through the efforts of the staff at Artifacts Gallery. Not only did they find the lithograph I craved, they provided a layaway option that was feasible and realistic.

    Since then, with the help of Shelley, I have SIX Michael Parkes lithographs and more on the way. Due to surgery, I have spent more time in my home in the last year than I had in the prior twenty, and I am surrounded with a beauty I never thought possible! Shelley and the rest of the staff are always pleasant, knowledgeable, and eager to please. Thank you!"

    Dawn Ricker

  • Being a full-time, working mom of one, I have found no spare time to visit studios. Being able to browse through Artifact's gallery online, I have been able to not only "dream" of artwork that I will someday have; but through your help with layaway, I was able to begin collecting. I plan to add another piece to my Lee Bogle's "The Blessing" and to look into some Mary Baxter St. Clair and Sheila Wolk for my young daughter.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...for your patience, your many courtesies, and above all...your selections/talent/tastes!!
    Heather Samson in the Rocky Mountains

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