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Unique Framing

(Inlaid wood frame, suede matting, inset wooden arrow)

(Hand Painted Matting)

(Unique cut-outs with inset stone arrowhead)

(Hand Painted Matting)

We specialize in quality custom framing at reasonable prices. Our framing for each piece is designed to enhance the beauty within the art and we take great pride in choosing the most appropriate frame and matting colors for your artwork. Our custom framers are both artists and can design unique mat cuts, or add an original hand painting to your matting!

We also frame unique artifacts and other items inside the matting of any piece, and have a wonderful selection of inlaid wood frames. We are happy to email you photos of different frames and mats so please EMAIL US to request unique framing options. All artwork is framed using the best quality materials as listed below:
  • 100% museum quality cotton rag mat.
  • U.V. filtering, Conservation Glass or Plexi-Glass. This quality of glazing will prevent your fine art from fading and preserve your investment.
  • Artwork is specially hinged without any tape or glue adhered to your fine art. This is very important so that your artwork maintains the highest appreciated value.
  • Each piece is professionally sealed on the back, including an envelope to hold your certificate of authenticity, and ready to hang when you receive it!
  • All art shipped will be framed with acid-free mats and backing, and will have Plexiglas over the art. (We do not ship glass!). If you choose to frame your art with your local framer, these are some tips. Always frame your art with the highest quality materials. This means you will pay a little more, but in the long run, it will pay off by protecting your art better. Always use acid-free mats and backing. While it is a generally accepted practice to "hinge" the art from the top of the mat with acid-free tape, we have found an equally protective method to secure art and drawings into mats in a way that does not use tape: acid free corners. Ask your framer about these, you may like them!

    We are here 7 days a week for you and will do our best in every situation to see that you are 110% satisfied with every purchase! We promise to give you the friendly, courteous, and professional service that you deserve!

    (Unique cut-outs with leather stitched in corners of matting)

    (inset Indian artifact)

    (artwork is floated with gold thread sewn into suede matting)