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Winter Visitors at Kringle Inn


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Signed Limited Edition Canvas, Unframed
Image size: 20 X 15 in.
Edition Size:150

Nestled in the coastal foothills just south of Phillips Bay, the winter-chilled traveler will find Kringle Hill Inn. Established in 1820, the charming bed and breakfast has seen many visitors. By far, however, its most famous visitor arrived one stormy evening in 1823, where rumor has it that the Inn opened its doors to a jolly bearded man in a red suit who was driving a large sleigh pulled by, of all things, reindeer. The old man was chilled to the bone and was invited in for hot cider and a full Christmas Eve dinner. When asked his name, he simply replied “Kris.” After a couple of hours of warmth by the Inn’s great fireplace, he doffed his cap, tugged twice on his great white beard and quite simply disappeared. To this very day, Christmas visitors at Kringle Hill Inn claim that they occasionally hear the sound of sleigh bells and a hearty “Ho-ho-ho” carried on the chill of the winter’s wind.

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