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Shelby Cobra 427 SC Silver


Shelby Cobra 427 SC Silver $ 300.00 Add To Cart
"Shelby Cobra 427 SC Silver" by Guillermo Forchino
Item #60-85082
Character Sculpture
Sculpture Size: 12.5 X 8 X 4.25 in.
Edition Size: Open

Shelby Cobra 427 SC Silver (Large) $ 900.00 Add To Cart
Style #60-85083
Character Sculpture
Sculpture Size: 24 X 14.5 X 8.2 in.
Edition Size: Open

Raul Mayo has always been fascinated by cars. As a boy, he collected all the miniature cars he could find in toy stores or flea markets. His best memory was a little car of silver metal not larger that a match box. He loved it. He named it “the Silver Arrow.” When he rubbed it on the ground, it took off like a rocket. The car was marvelous, sensational. Unfortunately, he lost it during one of his house moves.

Teenager, he got a job as delivery boy at the town’s most prestigious car dealer, his only goal was to be next to luxury cars. Today, a number of years have passed. Raul has succeeded very well and he has been able to buy himself some very expensive collector’s cars at auctions, reassembling all the models which he had always dreamed of. But there is still one which is missing, one that he will never be able to find, the most beautiful and the most extraordinary of all of them, the “Silver Arrow.”

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