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Last Lion (Bronze)
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Last Lion (Bronze)
Low Inventory
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"Last Lion" by Michael Parkes
Signed Limited Edition Bronze
Image Size: 28 X 14 X 14 in.
Edition Size: 60

Last Lion (3/4 Life Size) $ Call Add To Cart
3/4 Life Size Bronze
Image Size: 50 X 24 X 20 in.
Edition Size: 24

This is a sculpture of one of my most well known images. Because so many people were enamored with the image, I thought it would make an interesting and powerful sculpture. The message is the same as the painting’s message: After millions of years the king of beasts exists, but only a few remain. It is said that each animal species has a protective guardian. Here she is, the deva of lions, the one who has for so long nurtured them as they grew into their stature of grandeur. What do those angel-protectors do when the last of their species is gone? What must she feel? Simply put, this is my commentary on what we as humans are doing to our earth and its inhabitants

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