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Low Pass for the Home Folks

$ Call

Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 28 x 16
Edition Size: Time limited release, will not exceed 250 total

William Phillips and his wife Kristi, on a ski trip in Garmisch, Germany, discovered a war memorial in a lovely serene setting on a hillside. Around the monument were framed photographs of local young men who had died in WWII. Bill was moved by one photo of a fresh-faced boy, his arms around a cow. "This was no jack-booted Nazi. This was a farm kid who loved his home and went off to fight for it, just as American boys would have done." The artist gradually built a scenario in his mind: the lad went into the Luftwaffe, learned to fly fighters, and one day early in the war he and his buddy buzzed his home valley in their Bf-109's. "I guess all pilots have done that in every country," says Bill. "The pride of flight is universal." He checked with a German pilot who said it was strictly verboten (forbidden), "--but of course we did it anyway."

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