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Claim Jumper by Frogman

$ Call

"Claim Jumper" by Tim Cotterill

BF 72
Signed Limited Edition Bronze
Year Released: 2005 Artifacts Show Frog
Sculpture Size: 11.5 X 7 X 13.25 in.
Edition Size: 100

Meet “Claim Jumper”—an incredible two-frog sculpture—only the second double frog piece Tim’s ever made! A beautiful red frog is defending her territory, a large, limey-green leaf, from an invader from below. “Claim Jumper” is dangling by one foot, but ready to leap up over the edge and stake his claim. The patina of this large frog is a rich variegated green that contrasts with the leaf above. This sculpture has terrific movement and a fun narrative you can fill in yourself.

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