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Daffy Screwball - Framed

$ 325.00
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Limited Edition Sericel, Framed
Image Size: 14 X 11 in.
Edition Size: 2001

Chuck Jones found the beginnings of Daffy Duck at the tender age of six, when at his birthday party, he was allowed to cut his own cake. "…Because I found to my surprise and pleasure that I had no desire to share my cake with anyone, I courteously returned the knife to my mother. I would simplify the who matter by taking the entire cake for myself."

"My father…escorted me to my room to contemplate in cakeless solitude the meaning of a word new to me: 'selfish.' To me then, and to Daffy Duck now, 'selfish' means 'hones but antisocial'; 'unselfish' means 'socially acceptable but often dishonest.' Daffy is just like all of us, only more so. Perhaps that's why we find him so appealing."

Duck Amuck 1953

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